Wednesday, March 23, 2005

18 Visions vs. Shoppekeeper Willie

Ach! Looks like the lads in 18 Visions felt the wrath of Shoppekeeper Willie while on tour in Europe. It's not really news, just kind of funny. Below you'll find a first hand account of the event by one of the band members that I lifted from the band's tour journal on the Trustkill Records website.

I have no real thoughts on this story other than this: You choose how you dress. You don't choose your race.

I also found it kind of ironic that a dude who has probably worn a plaid skirt at sometime in his life was giving other dudes shit for wearing women's denim and mascara.

--Ronny Little

"Okay, so we start walking around in Glasgow, Scotland to go shopping and stuff. We find an internet cafe, which is a recognizable chain of internet cafes all over europe. We walk in and I say 'hi can we use the internet, we need 5 computers.' The guy says no. I look around and see several computers available and point to them to show the guy that they're not being used. He says 'no, you cannot use them and you have to go.' I ask why and he says 'there is no reason for it, you must go.'

I'm thinking this guy has got to be kidding with me or something so start to proceed to sit at a computer, and he tries to stop me and says 'please you must leave you cannot use the computer, sorry.'

I say 'why because the way we look?'

He says, 'there is no reason. I want you to leave now.'

I reply back, getting pissed, 'I want YOU to leave' and I go to the coffee shop portion of the place and ask the people behind the counter what the hells going on and explain the story. A girl leads me back to where the security guy is and he's talking to james and random customer stands up and says 'he's just doing his job' and then sits back down.

James politely asks the guy to come outside with him and the guy says why?
James says to fight and then makes a fist motion like popeye and gets pissed and spit in the guys face. Weird part is the guy doesnt even flinch or wipe it off or anything he just takes and it says 'you must go.'

We walk out of the shop feeling robbed and discriminated baffled by the whole event and thinking that if this was at home it would never happen and if it did the guy would get straight rolled. Also there is no way anyone would have ever stuck up for him knowing that we were getting thrown out of the builiding purely based on how we look.

This is the first time we have ever been discriminated against. It was a weird feeling. I really felt like Rosa Parks getting told to move to the back of the bus. I felt stripped of my rights as a human being and was so shocked that it even happened. I'm thinking I'm an upper middle class person with no criminal history and a univeristy degree. Didn't I earn the right to exist freely wherever and to do whatever?

Dave Chapelle talked about events that occur that are so racist that it doesnt even make you just makes you step back and say, 'man, that is racist.' Seriously, exact same situation. So if that wasnt bad enough we walk down the street and some guy says why are you guys wearing mascara. And then we walk further down the street and another guy says 'rock n roll weirdos.' WHATS WITH THIS PLACE? I mean, we look kinda weird i guess, but people are making it out to be like we're fucking hobos or street rats or something.

The days not even over yet. I'm sure weird shit will happen at the show as well. Wish us luck we don't get deported or cained or something."


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