Friday, March 25, 2005

BOLD Reunion? Yawn...

I know a lot of people are excited about the upcoming BOLD reunions in NYC (April 17, CBGB's) and Philadelphia (April 23, The Church), but I'll always remember the "Speak Out" LP as the first record on Revelation that I was ever disappointed with. When I interviewed Pat Longrie from Uniform Choice recently, I told him Wishingwell dodged a bullet by not putting that record out.

I think the best thing about this BOLD reunion is that Tom Capone is interested in his hardcore roots again. Why is that a good thing? This is what he had to say in a recent email exchange I had with him:

"Vic wants to do Beyond, which I'm into, but the members are scattered. But you never know, I think Vic might try."

A Beyond reunion? Now that's a show (if it happens) that I absolutely will not miss. But this BOLD stuff, I mean, Matt Warnke has been playing BOLD covers for years now with two different bands, and there was a sort-of reunion at the 1999 Youth of Today show in Connecticut. Is having original members on the instruments really going to make it that much different? I suppose the addition of Capone gives fans a full dose of "Looking Back" material to look forward to.

Ofcourse, if I was a BOLD fan (and I'm really not), I'd be way more excited about the other thing Tom said in his email:

"We (BOLD) also have plans to do a new album."

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