Sunday, March 27, 2005

The first shots are fired...

"Hey there, you've reached Ronny Little's cell phone. Please leave a message. BEEEEEP!"
"BOLD rules!"

Okay, you assholes have had access to my phone number for 31 hours now, and the only thing you can muster up is "Bold rules!!"

No kids, BOLD drools.

Believe it or not, I really did like these guys at one point -- when they were Crippled Youth. But then Matt's balls dropped, and brought his voice down several octaves with them. The band got better equipment and a taste for heavier music, and tried to put out "Break Down The Walls II," which was a bad move. They traded in their own sound and attitude, which was quirky, obnoxious and fun, to become a Youth of Today clone band, and I'll always find that disappointing.

Yes, I know. Porcell had his finger prints all over that band (in a "good touch" way only, I'm certain), but I think it's an experiment that blew up in his face.

Or maybe I'm just an asshole. It's entirely possible.

By the way, another BOLD reunion date has been added. It will be in Washington DC on April 22nd. The other bands on the bill are (tentatively) the usual cast of characters: The First Step and Triple Threat.

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