Thursday, March 31, 2005

The good news, and the bad news...

Todd Jones (Carry On, Terror) and Aram Arslanian (Champion) are doing a new band that will be called Betrayed. So far they have finished six songs for an e.p. that, it's my guess, will probably be released by Bridge Nine Records. A lot of people out there seem to be inquiring about the details of the band, so I thought I'd share an email correspondence I recently had with Todd Jones, where he spilled the beans on several projects he's involved in, as well as his next full time gig, which is sure to upset more than a few in the hardcore scene.

--Ronny Little

"I'm actually doing 3 'projects' right now. I say 'projects' because they'll never be full time and barely ever practice. My new situation with Linkin Park won't allow for them to be anything more than that. Please continue to keep that on the DL for a few more days. Warner Bros. is issuing a press release on Friday.

For now, I'm playing guitar in Internal Affairs - we just recorded our LP in January/February. I wrote 3 songs on that one - but that band is all Corey. All I do is make sure I know the songs and show up to shows on time. Snake Eyes is a project that I thought of late last year. Corey told me he really wanted to play guitar in a band, and this dude BO who sang in a band out here called Donnybrook quit that band and needed a band to sing in, so it all made sense. Basically, I wrote 5 songs, recorded them on my computer, we practiced once and then recorded those 5 songs. Bill from Internal Affairs plays drums and our friend Nick Trujillo plays bass (and also recorded the demo at his home studio).

Betrayed is a project that is me and Aram from Champion. We've been good friends for some time and have always talked about doing a band together. I was listening to Dag Nasty a lot so I wanted to do a "melodic" hardcore band. I wrote those songs in a month (September 2004) and then flew to Seattle in October 2004 and we recorded 6 songs with Todd Preboski on drums (old Champion drummer) Aram on bass, and my doing guitars. Aram sings in that band. He tracked the bass - but we're having Greg Bacon play bass in the band. He played in the last line up of Carry On, he currently plays in Knife Fight and Stand And Fight.

So that's pretty much the run down. I do those projects, it's very simple and not stressful. Just write songs in my bedroom, construct them on my computer with fake drums and what not, and then record. It's very simple." -- Todd Jones

I talked with Todd on the phone the other night, and I told him he better be ready for a little bit of an outcry from the scene. I still remember how huge the backlash was when Brian Baker joined Junkyard. To his credit, Todd seems ready for whatever comes his way. --Ronny

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