Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Death By Stereo (or three story fall)

Does anyone have an extra $160 million laying around?

Posted below is the link to a story of a house show gone horribly wrong. While I have all of the sympathy in the world for the family of the kid who died, as well as anyone unfortunate enough to still be living with an injury as a result of this accident, you absolutely cannot blame the death of your son on a band for having the audacity to play in someone's living room.

Sure, the kids who had the show/party should share some of the blame for packing way more people into a living room than they had any business doing, but this was an ACCIDENT as freak as getting your head chopped off by debris coming from a tornado. Nobody could have forseen, literally, a wall of death pushing six people out a third story window.

This country is getting way to litigious. And that's coming from someone who's marrying an attorney in June. Anyway, enjoy the article.



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