Sunday, April 03, 2005

Interview: Gorilla Biscuits

I did this interview with Walter, Al, and Civ at City Gardens back in 1989. It appeared in issue #4 of my first venture into zinedom, Longshot Fanzine. The 4th issue was more like a 4-page freebee, which was my first venture into the lean and mean format I used for every other fanzine I have ever done.

The interview is short and simple. Some of the questions are painfully lame. Back then, I didn't really have any instincts as an interviewer, and without the internet, it wasn't always easy to research or get news about my favorite bands. So, the interview is kind of barebones. Take it for what it's worth.


So what the hell does Gorilla Biscuits mean?

Civ: We had to play a show with Token Entry after their summer tour. It was our first show and we needed a name. It was just something stupid we thought of. It's a name for a qualude. They're called Gorilla Biscuits because they're so big.

Is the straight-edge scene declining in numbers?

Walter: I think it's bigger than it ever was. I just don't think that there are many good bands anymore. There's a lot of bands, but not many of them are that good.

Is Gorilla Biscuits a band that jumps around a lot?

Walter: Usually, when we suck we jump around a lot. When we're good, we stand still.

C'mon. It's not choreographed?

Civ: It's not like we plan it out!

Al: It has a lot to do with the music.

Civ: We don't say, "Al, move ahead four feet, now fake! Walter, do Chuck Berry. Luke, PUNT!"

With a lot of bands, it almost seems like it's played out.

Civ: Lame songs, we jump around a lot.

Has it always been Walter, Luke, Authur and Civ for the line-up?

Civ: Always me and Walter.

Walter: Me and Civ.

Civ: Luke a long time.

Walter: Aurthur was always in and out. We've had a lot of different people, but the main people are me, Luke, and Civ.

Civ: Al has been with us a long time.

I know it's not proper to ask your salary, but...

Walter: We are absolutely unashamed.

Civ: We don't get what we're supposed to.

Walter: I think we usually get about $250. Different clubs, you get different amounts.

Al: We'll play CB's and get $500, and then get $100 somewhere else.

What annoys you most about the scene?

Walter: I think a lot of kids just come to the shows like they're a football game. They think hardcore started with Raw Deal, and it didn't. These guys don't even know anything about music. Everybody thinks it's our song on the "Where the Wild Things Are" compilation! It's just gross!

Yep, that's it. I'll get back to posting more interesting stuff when my schedule settles down a bit... --Ronny

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