Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Nuge -- The Stooge

How guys like Henry Rollins or Ian MacKaye could have ever jocked this hair bag back in the day, I'll never know:

"Remember the Alamo! Shoot 'em! To show you how radical I am, I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. . . . No court case. No parole. No early release. I want 'em dead. Get a gun and when they attack you, shoot 'em."

-- Ted Nugent, speaking to wild applause Saturday at the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Houston, where he also performed the national anthem.

I absolutely hate gun nuts. The Nuge and these rednecks responding with wild applause will breathlessly tell anyone who will listen about their right to bear arms, yet they can't be bothered with the idea of one of the most fundamental rights we have as American citizens: due process.

Yes, let's put a gun in the hand of every citizen so they can defend themselves from criminals. Ordinary average people will not reach for their guns when they get dumped, dissed, or audited. Really.

Could you imagine living in a world where everyone had access to a gun the way the NRA would like you to have access? Not only would you have to worry about criminals, you'd have to worry about seriously pissing off anyone who had a gun, or access to a gun. We'd have a Columbine masacre every month. With more guns laying around, more and more ordinary citizens would turn into criminals.

Question: What does spewing retoric of this sort from the stage at a NRA convention have in common with asking Cleveland if they're ready to rock, or dedicating "this next song to all of the straight edge kids out there?"

Answer: they're all great for cheap applause.

Somebody needs to force feed this asshole some tofu.

...come to think of it, maybe I should get a gun.

--Ronny Little

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