Sunday, April 03, 2005

Oh yeah, by the way...

...April Fools. Yes, I was successful in my campaign to start a world-wide outcry across the internet by making everyone think Todd Jones had joined Linkin Park (inject sarcasm here).

The email was mostly authenic. All of the stuff about Betrayed, Snake Eyes, and Internal Affairs is on the up and up. The only thing about the email that wasn't authentic was the Linkin Park bit, which I wrote myself:

"My new situation with Linkin Park won't allow for them to be anything more than that. Please continue to keep that on the DL for a few more days. Warner Bros. is issuing a press release on Friday. "

The strategy was to release the rumor onto message boards at about 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 30. The thinking was, most people wouldn't read it until Thursday morning, and since people would see it was posted Wednesday, they wouldn't put the rumor and April Fools together. However, a hectic work schedule coupled with night classes kept me from posting the rumor until Thursday afternoon.

Some people bit on it. Others called bullshit.

The first hole was blown open by Bill Wend on the Livewire Records message board. From the War Room ( desk at work) I ordered a message board counter strike from Tru Pray (who was in on the gag) to take any attention away from Bill's suspicions on the board, but it didn't do any good. Actually, it ended up turning into a personal spat between Bill and Tru, which I never intended to happen, so I'd like to apologize to both of you for any ugliness that happened as a result.

By the way, Todd was in on the gag. I was looking to make his "news" the next Brian Baker/Junkyard saga, but as it turned out, most people were actually happy for Todd. For the record, if Todd, or anyone I liked and respected in this scene got a chance at commercial success like that, I'd be happy for them as well. I would just hope that they'd do it with a better band than Linkin Park.


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