Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mail Bag

Dear Sir or Madam,

I just thought I'd point out one flaw in your citation of examples. The Misfits may have released nine eps before Walk Among Us, but they recorded one single before recording the Static Age session which, as I'm sure you're aware, became the Bullet 7" due to a lack of sufficient funds to press a 12". Static Age is, in my estimation, the best punk lp ever recorded.

In a lot of cases, I agree with you completely. It's far too easy for shitty bands that shouldn't be out of their practice spaces to put out records. But I'd rather see lps come out at the rate they do. If they suck it usually just breaks up bad bands and makes well-intended but poorly run labels flop. I'm all for natural selection thinning everything out.

I enjoy your rants. Keep it up.

Alex Byrne


That noise you are hearing is me banging my head against my flat screen. You are absolutely correct about Static Age being recorded as an LP, but ultimately becoming the Bullet EP due to a lack of finances. It is indeed one of the greatest punk records of all time, and under my reign as King of the Scene, it might well never have happened. You definitely caught me sleeping, passed out in a puddle of my own drool, and I applaud you for it.

My "No LPs" edict is pointed directly at bands that came after 1990, when the quality of records, in my estimation, dropped significantly in this scene. I know my LP ban seems heavy handed and oppressive, but the motive behind my edict is to give the scene a "courtesy flush," because sometimes it just stinks in here.

Thanks for your email, and thanks for reading.

Yo Sarge,

Best of luck to you & your brother. I'm hoping all turns out well. I actually went through a bone marrow transpalnt for my brother a little over ten years ago. If yours is like mine, be ready to have pain pills close at hand. I was couch ridden for a couple weeks & reduced to crawling to the bathroom for a bit. The "surgery" itself is a relative piece of cake, though. The doctors give you some of the stuff Porcell is on & you won't feel a thing until the next day.

Take care,

Jeff Johns

I got many comments and emails like this one after the Hardcore Journal I posted on 5/4/2005. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for including my brother and I in your thoughts and prayers. Your support was unexpected, and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I'm pretty sure ol' Slam is high on life and nothing else. If I'm going to be as sore as I think I'm going to be after this procedure, I'm going straight for the happy pills. If I blog that week, it should be interesting. =)

That story (Death By Stereo, Or Three-Story Fall: posted 4/5/2005) is pretty crazy. I remember hearing about it when it happened. Last August this guy moved to Milwaukee (where I live) and he was a cool record nerd-type. After hanging out with him for a while I found out that he lived at the house where that show happened. It was weird to find that out because up until that point it was just some random show that went wrong. Now it's a friend that's getting totally screwed.

The weird thing about one of the stories I read was that the dead kid's family is going for 40 million and the two kids who are living with non-permanent injuries are both going for 50 million. Ridiculous.

Dan Agacki


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