Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Trimming Five Inches: Uniform Choice "Screaming for Change" LP

"Trimming Five Inches" will be a recurring feature on Barebones Hardcore. The premise of the feature is to take a decent album, trim the fat from it by removing any filler, and recreate an INCREDIBLE record in a 7-inch format -- the way it should have been released in the first place! If you're a regular reader at BBHC, then you're probably aware of my distaste for the LP record. If not, go back to my entry posted on May 4, 2005, where I lay out my case for why "twelve-inches" should only come in the form of pizzas.

Keep in mind, a 7-inch EP can only fit five minutes to a side. Because of this limitation, the occasional "keeper" might be left off. No worries -- it can go on the next record.

If I had produced Uniform Choice's "Screaming for Change," this is how it would've turned out:

Side A:
1. Use Your Head
2. Straight and Alert
3. Build to Break

(Matrix: "I'm sorry, that I stole it...I'm sorry, I'm sorry for you")

Side B:
1. Screaming for Change
2. Big Man, Small Mind
3. Once I cry

(Matrix: "Porcell wears a bunny suit")

Leave for the next record: My Own Mind (needs new lyrics), No Thanks (one sxe song per record is ENOUGH!), A Choice, In Time

Filler: Scream to Say, Sometimes, Don't Quit (even with non-greeting card lyrics, this is a musical weak link), Silenced (there's no poetry in hardcore!)

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