Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mail Bag


Sadly, Judging Amy won't be back next season, so we will never see her little brat of a kid sport an Earth Crisis shirt, set free some minks, knock beers out of Mom's hand, ask her Mom to bring back PROHIBITION, or fire bomb a McDonald's. The show got canned.

Anyway, it was cool to know that the writers and producers saw our view on the show. My friend that works there wanted to share that she reads your blog, or was reading your blog.

Glen Gubernat


As I read your email, I unleashed a blood curdling, spine tingling, weenie shrinking, every dog barking in the neighborhood-inducing "nooooooo" that shook the very foundations of my modest northern Virginia townhouse and roused my wife from a peaceful slumber. I relayed the bad news to her and, typical for a woman, she just looked at me as if I was insane.

The cancellation of Judging Amy is absolutely devestating for Barebones Hardcore. The straight edge subplot recently added to the show would have yielded endless possibilities for comedy on my site. I feel like I just lost a hundred dollar bill.

To their credit, the writers and the producers on the show managed to give straight edge a somewhat realistic portrayal in the media for once. As I watched the straight edge episode, there wasn't a single moment where I wanted to scream at the television, or reach for my foam brick. From what I could tell, the writers for the show actually did a little homework and for that, I applaud the staff.

Please relay my condolences to your unemployed friend. I got laid off when I worked at PBS, and it's never a good feeling.



Ok here's a question then? What about 12" on 45? Right now i can think of 3 that work awesomely (is that even a word?)

Mind Eraser - Cave
Iron Lung - Life.Iron Lung.Death
Tear It Up - Taking You Down With Me

Each one is longer than a 7" but not long enough to wear you out like most full length records. In fact, I would think the TIU taking you down with me is perfect. The flow, the amount of time, etc...




Webster's Dictionary lists "awesomely" as an adverb for "awesome." Webster's defines awesome as 1. Inspiring awe: an awesome thunderstorm, 2. Expressing awe: stood in awesome silence before the ancient ruins, and 3. Remarkable; outstanding: a totally awesome arcade game.

While I can appreciate your enthusiasm for a band like Tear It Up, I'll reserve the term awesome for bands that have produced timeless hardcore classics. Tear It Up is a good band, in the same way that Volkswagens are good cars. I love my VW, but awesome would be an Audi A4 sitting in my parking spot.

The Misfits were awesome. Samhain was awesome. Minor Threat was awesome.

Tear It Up? Pretty good.

I guess the 12-inch EP could be an option if there was 5 minutes worth of music that the band absolutely couldn't leave off the record, but how often is that the case? Save the overflow for the next 7-inch.

Thanks for writing!

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