Monday, June 20, 2005

When I'm King of the Scene: No More Slam Dunk Covers!

When I am King of the Scene, the Slam Dunk cover will be OUTLAWED! If your band is going to put a sleeper-hold on the audience with a set of crappy, generic hardcore, then no way in hell should you be allowed to end the night with a Chain of Strength cover that will make the kids go apeshit. This is wrong for MANY reasons -- the first of which being if the only thing to inspire an audience during your set is someone else's material, then you have no business being on the stage in the first place.

Secondly, the photos that result from the ensuing cover song pile-up on the stage are a big fat lie. They paint a very misleading picture of how good your band actually is. The casual record shopper who has never heard of your band, but bases his decision on how "good" your band looks according to the live pictures on your disk, gets totally screwed. Based on the snap shots, the buyer is not aware that the audience was in full yawn before you whipped out "Start Today" by Gorilla Biscuits. When I see bands do this, it smacks of a ploy for cheap applause and it comes off as completely disingenuous.

I'll give bonus points to a band that covers some obscure band and either makes the song better, or generates some interest in that band that wasn't there before (like Knife Fight covering "Black Sheep" by the Nihilistics on their demo), but if all you have in your arsenal is somebody else's best material, then maybe you should just become a local bar cover band. Drunk people are great for cheap applause.

I have spoken,
Ronny Little

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