Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hardcore Archeology: Loveseat Fanzine

Welcome to the first installment of Hardcore Archeology. I will use this segment from time to time to dig for the anwers surrounding little-known hardcore records and fanzines. If there are any mythical records or fanzines that you would like to learn more about, please email me at and I will look into uncovering the secrets of the scene for all of you collecting nerds. =)

Today's segment features Loveseat Fanzine. This fanzine was the origins of Schism fanzine. Ever notice how there's no Schism 1-5? That's because issues 1-5 were done as Loveseat fanzine. The following interview was done with Alex Brown a million miles away from New York City, now living in Des Moines, Iowa.

Out of all of the words in the English language, why Loveseat Fanzine? Any significance behind the name, or was it just random inspiration?

I suppose it was just something fairly random, had a nice ring to it. I think the first issue had a drawing of a loveseat on the cover. You know, it's like an ottoman, something you rest your feet on.

The zine covered your hometown scene in Des Moine, Iowa. What were the bands from Des Moines like in the mid-80's. Were the bands completely different from the bands you would come to know later when you moved to NYC? Did any national touring bands blow through Des Moines at all, like 7 Seconds, or JFA, or Gang Green? What (if any) touring bands were featured in Loveseat?

The bands here in the mid 80's were pretty bad. There was one great band called Pent-Up Aggression. They had a demo tape that was really great politically inspired thrash. Very angry stuff with good musicians. I was in a couple terrible bands. Children of the Corn and A Childs Trust in God, the latter of which I was the singer in and the former which I played rhythm guitar. The only great show I remember from those days playing here was the Faction, a show which got shut down after a few songs. There were a bunch of mid-level hardcore bands that came through like the Rhythm Pigs and the Dead Milkmen. I think DRI played here as well but I was not around. Most of the better bands would play in Omaha, Lincoln and Iowa City. We did set up a 7 Seconds show here in the summer of 86. That must have been on the Walk Together tour. They had some lame excuse about having a broken van and we got totally blown off. Fuckers! Ha.

Porcell says you changed the name of your zine from Loveseat Fanzine to Schism Fanzine after a month of intense razzing. He also said that the name Schism was inspired by a semi-born again Raybeez. Is there a story?

I recall Cappo and Richie making fun of it to no end. I think it was a name that Rev had considered but not used. It was just a word that kids on the street would use, mainly Raybees...."Schism Bo!"...It was used as in lieu of "that's fucked up" or something to that effect. I was scared that Bees would be pissed that I stole 'his' word. But alas, no schism.

Coming from Des Moines Iowa, how did you end up as a member of the Youth Crew in NYC? How did you fall into that crowd? Did you know people before the move to NYC?

The second day I was in NY(I went there to attend NYU) I went to see a matinee at CB's. YOT and Bold's first show as Bold. I was a big fan of the YOT single and had written Ray a letter. Anyway, I introduced myself to him and Porcell and Richie and after the following week's matinee we all went back to ray's apt. and had a spaghetti dinner and they all played a prank on me saying that Craig(Setari) wanted to kick my ass. It was elaborate and mean-spirited and I still kind of resent those guys for constantly being dicks to everyone, myself included but they were usually great to hang out with. I became really quick friends with all those guys and ended up living with Cappo and Porcell on and off for a few years. Before I knew it I was playing with Side by Side, doing Schism with Porcell and eventually graduating to the Gorilla Biscuits, which still leaves a hint of a bitter taste in my mouth, but that's a completely different story...

I once read that initially the record that was to be released in Schism #7 was to be a 7-inch of rare early 80's hardcore, but you and Porcell couldn't get the rights to the music, so you recorded and released the Project X 7-inch to include with the zine instead. What was the initial record that you were going to release?

I don't remember wanting to do an early hardcore 7" but if Porcell says so....I think he has a much sharper memory of that period than I. As for that Wikipedia article, I don't know where these people get their info.

Will there be any parts of Loveseat fanzine included in the Schism book/reprint of the zines coming out on Bridge Nine records?

There will be nothing Loveseat realted in the Schism/Project X deal. I think that's better left in a dusty old box.

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