Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Record Review by Dave K.

Welcome to another column of my worthless commentary of hardcore & punk music. I’d like to thank everybody for the comments of my first review column last week. I have a few more things to share with you this week. If you are a band out there with a demo or record out, a label with some new releases or a fanzine looking for some exposure, send your stuff to the address below. If you have either a website or ftp site with the material on it, point me in the right direction. Now on with this week’s tunes…

Way back when, there was a great band called B.G.K. they were one of Europe’s finest imports of thrash hardcore. Before they were that great band, they were basically The Nitwitz. I always heard about this “band”, though never heard anything by them. Now 20 or so years later, they are back in a different line-up and sound. I’m really glad to hear they are playing again. This CD, Sex, Lies and Duct Tape comes blazing out of the box. 13 songs, never lets up. It’s actually sounds like B.G.K. if they were a little slower and sound was fuller. Great low-end bass sound. If you like power punk rock (maybe a little more rock than punk), pop this disc in. It doesn’t disappoint. Go to:

Well, I covered the latest MDC release last time,Sudden Death Records also sent out the D.O.A. Live Free Or Die CD. Not sure about this one. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been one their biggest fans, though this is not a classic by a long shot. It seems(and I don’t know when exactly) that they caught the ska bug, since it has infested their sound. It’s a well-produced affair, great DOA lyrics, anti-war & President Bush presentation. There is even a couple of ’60s peace covers, done well, over all it just doesn’t grab me. Many of these songs would be great to hear during a radio show, though as a release, not too exciting. Makes me want to find Fuck You and crank it up.

You know, there are some bands that really need their instruments taken away from them. When you get a release like The Hatepinks Plastic Bag Ambitions, you really do want to get a thick plastic bag, put it over your head and wait for the end. The feeling you’d get from that (including the finality of the process)would be better than subjecting yourself to this shit. Really fast, tinny, repetitive music with screechy vocals. Song titles include: “I am a Divorce” and “I Piss In Your Swimming Pools”. Sad thing is that there will be some out there thinking this is godlike. Luckily, this only clocks in at 16 min. A Classic “Must Avoid”

Received a batch of recent releases from Thorp Records based in Toledo, OH. Don’t know much about this hardcore/metal label, but they seem to be banging them out. I never really cared for or understood the musical genre of Grind. It always seemed to me a cheap way out musically, but it has a huge fan base. The split CD release from the bands Premonitions of War & Benumb is a dull affair. Premonitions of War has four tracks here, including a cover of the cock rock classic “Mississippi Queen." Really bad across the board. Benumb fairs better, but I didn’t like this one. Cover is very nice, imaginative. Out To Win is a modern HC act out of Pennsylvania who let it fly for their CD,Beg For Life. It’s a solid record, vocals remind me of Integrity. This is fast, very heavy HC, some metallic licks & double bass but in a good way. Musically tight across the board, great when you are driving 85 miles an hour and wish you could kill some of the dickheads on the road. You just have to love a band who have lyrics like, “We’re Fucking Meatheads and Fucking Mean”! That’s what you get with Pride Kills from Texas (and damn proud of it!). Some will say I’m crazy, but the lyrics are in a similar vein of Floorpunch. The singer actually sounds like Porter at times. Heavy HC, not bad, though will probably get lost in the shuffle of all the bands out there. So 2 out of the 3 are good, looking forward to see what else this label has to offer. Check out these and other releases at

One of the great things about the internet is internet radio. Whether it’s from the big guys (, shoutcast, etc..) or little homegrown stations, it’s a great format to listen to music. It could only get better if I could get it in my car. Time to time, I get hooked on a particular station. Might be the music (I listen to all kinds) or the hosts. Recently, I was pointed in the right direction to Al Quint’s Sonic Overload radio show (new show every Monday night found at A well respected fanzine editor, Al definitely knows his music and how to present it. Strictly a hardcore/punk affair, it brings back memories of the old WFMU Pat Duncan radio show in New Jersey. I can really relate to Al musically and politically and his playlists reflect it. This past 4th of July’s show was a great mix of new and old punk/hc. It was nice to hear a lot of stuff I wasn’t familiar with, then out of the blue, an old punk classic. You can either listen to it streaming or what I do, download each of the four files. He posts the playlist each week so you can keep the page open (or print it out) and follow along at home. Quite frankly, I love it. Nice know you have something to look forward to on a weekly basis. If there any radio shows out there for me to check out, let me know.

Dave’s Moldy Oldie Pick: last week, I was going through Havoc Records site again, and noticed Felix is distributing the Willful Neglect 1982-1984 CD. For those who don’t know, Willful Neglect was one of HC/punk best kept secrets, who like most great bands, don’t get discovered until way after their demise. Fast, loud, in your face Midwest style HC that never gets old. The material on this CD was on people’s want lists for years just based on the reputation of the music. If you have some money to buy a record this week, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Ok folks, that’s all for now, if you want to see this bigger and better, send your
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