Friday, July 01, 2005

Review by Brett Beach

Judge "What It Meant - The Complete Discography"

Well I finally got my hands on the long awaited Judge discography from Revelation. Thankfully it starts off with the incredible "New York Crew" 7". Definitely one of the hardest hitting 7"s of all time; a true classic. Listening to this 7" is just as good today as it was the day I bought it back at the old Venus on 9th street. A lot of discographies start off with the band's LP first and the 7" gets shoved at the end. But the Judge 7" belongs up front and in your face. Thank God the masterminds at Revelation didn't fuck up the sound on any of th tracks on this CD, as they've done to almost every other reissue they've ever done.

Time has been kind to "Bringin' It Down"; I still get a kick out of listening to it. But when you compare it to the "Chung King" session it's obvious that neither recording was perfect. While the "Chung King" recording just plain sucks, the "Bringin' it Down" recording is too slick. But hey, this isn't any news at this point. It's still bums me out a little that a band as great as Judge did't get captured properly at their peak. It's my opinion that Judge were on the downside after Jimmy left the band. Imagine the "Chung King" line-up recording an LP that sounded similar to the 7"...

Also included is the Storm II 7" and one song from the 1988, post 7" demo with Lukie Luke on drums, and that's the main problem with the CD. Who dropped the ball and only included one song? It's only a 3 song demo fer Chrissake! Put all three songs on it! Major mistake.

The layout is good, mostly because of Porcelly's liner notes. Included are some pics that we've seen before and some we haven't, although I could do without all the artsy effects. Overall though this CD is a winner and a good representation of one of the greatest Straight Edge bands ever.

Revelation Records

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