Thursday, July 28, 2005

See you at Positive Numbers!

Bands, labels & zine editors: Dave and I are currently soliciting review material for Barebones Hardcore. We review records every week, so if you'd like to have your record or zine reviewed, please be sure to say hi if you see me wandering around at Positive Numbers. A good starting point would be the Malfunction Records table, where I have been known to hang out with my good friend Tru Pray.

Dave does all the reviews, and since he doesn't own a turn table anymore, we can only accept CDs. Even burned CDRs with lyric sheets are fine. Dave is interested in what's in the box, and not necessarily the box itself. He is especially interested in bands with demos, so if you want a review on a new site with an established readership that's already averaging 12,000 hits a month, this is your chance. Established bands and labels -- you too! Help me feed Dave K's road rage!

See you in Wilkes-Barre!

Ronny Little

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