Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's a Straight Edge JIHAD!

Look everybody -- a straight edge suicide bomber, courtesy of the XBBPX Brigade (XBring Back ProhibitionX)! That's right, kids! You too can carry out a martyrdom operation at the next local Theta Kappa Epsilon mixer! Hell, choose any greek initals. All of those frat dudes drink and rape women!

When you carry out your martyrdom operation, your reward will await you in Heaven: the entire Embrace Today collection and TEN straight edge virgins!

"Wait a minute...these virgins are all DUDES!"

"Nooooooo! "

You talk about the "war" that is coming. A war that you will bring on the beer drinking heathen. Guess what, Joey Coughdrop, 98-pound straight edge warrior*. If you'd post a picture of yourself without that mask, I guarantee there'd be a line of people at your door who would quickly bring that war to you. Why put it off? Embrace today I always say. Cos' horses like hay and mugs are made of clay. Is that okay? Wadda ya say?

Check out the Seventh Dagger site. Trust me, hilarity ensues.

*Thou Shalt Not Steal -- "Joey Coughdrop, 98-pound vegan warrior" was a phrase first coined by Mr. Trip Machine, Chris Weinblad.

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