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What's your problem? I can see why you may disagree with us, but I don't understand why you would go out of your way to talk shit. I suppose I should just have a sense of humor about it, but there are a lot of people putting in a lot of time and hard work to do what we do. It means a lot to us and we are all honest and stand up dudes. If you knew anyone who was actually involved in XBBPX, you would prolly get along with us.

By the way, the dude in the picture is not me, just some kid wearing our shirt. The mask is just cool. You can find my face as well as any other XBBPX kid on our personal profiles. We all have XBBPX right there on our profiles. No one tries to fight us over it. The alcohol industry is awful. That shit kills someone every half hour. That sucks to lose loved ones to that shit. We try to educate people and raise money for groups like MADD. You should read our mission statement instead of getting upset about a dude in a mask.


A far right conservative from Texas who doesn't like to hear dissenting opinions. Hmmm...where have we seen that before?

I have a problem with your message and your image on several levels. First and foremost, you make every good straight edge kid look very, very BAD. When the media wants a story on straight edge, especially in this day in age when fear equals ratings, reporters and producers tend to gravitate toward the extreme faction in any group. In the case of straight edge, that would be groups like yours, which have images of hate and violence sewn into the fabric of their message. Guns, grenades, bullets, dudes who look like suicide bombers, promises of a war, and bands that proudly proclaim that they'd "kill for straight edge." (see the band page for exTYRANTex) You are a ratings BONANZA.

Your approach is so ridiculous and self defeating. The news gets out there that in middle america, straight edge is classified as a gang, or at least violent element that needs to be closely monitored. All of the sudden, EVERY town in America is watching kids with x's on their hands in the hopes of avoiding another Columbine, rather than focusing on issues like underage drinking and illicit drug use.

So, the kids who actually behave and make the right choices are put under scrutiny, and the kids who make the stupid choices are overlooked. Or worse yet, your milantancy drives good straight edge kids disallusioned with your extremism to raise their hands and say "how do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?" I should know. In 1992, I was one of them.

Secondly, I won't challenge your data on alcohol claiming the life of someone every half hour, but you can probably point to the same kinds of numbers of fatalities associated with aggressive driving and people talking on cell phones when they're driving. What do drunk driving, aggressive driving, and distracted driving fatalities all have in common? They are all the result of bad judgement. I blame the individual, not the method of destruction.

Lastly, hosting hateful bands like exTYRANTex, which spew violent rhetoric associates you with that hate-filled element. Just like an oi label can't get away from being considered a sketchy record label because it puts out racist bands, XBBPX can't get away from being considered a violent fringe element when it supports bands that profess violence.

If one loose nut walks into his school or a local bar with a XBBPX t-shirt and a couple of loaded guns and, God forbid, looks to fire the opening salvo of your "war", you will share in the blame when it's distributed. If you haven't realized that yet, you obviously haven't thought this through.

You raise money for MADD. Big deal. As far as I'm concerned, when they accept money from groups that have a hateful message like XBBPX, MADD may as well be taking money from the Klan, too. Have MADD officials seen your website? I'd be disappointed if they weren't appalled.

Ronny Little

P.S. I wrote this song years ago for kids who get sucked the lunatic sxe faction. Maybe exTYRANTex can cover it at their next show? Enjoy.


Hand Over Your X's

You've snubbed the pressures of every teen
You're every parent's wet dream
Who needs ciggies, booze, or weed
When you can get drunk on your purity?

It's taken it's toll
You're out of control
Heads filled with hate
Are hardly on straight...

Carving X's in people's backs
You fail to see the wrong in that
Salt Lake City & Syracuse
I've got you up there with Hitler Youth
So let me salute you
Where's the brown shirts boys?
You'd wear them well.

You're drunk on your "purity"
You're high on your hate.

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