Monday, August 22, 2005

My final thoughts on XBBPX, for now.

I spent the weekend corresponding with several XBBPX members via email and on their messageboard at the seventhdagger site. Trying to reason and debate with these guys was exhausting. I should have known better. Just a few thoughts before I move onto another subject:

*If these XBBPX kids didn't find straight edge, I'm certain they would be nazi skinheads. They are totally cut from the same cloth in that, I truly believe they need to hate something. Talking about violence and planning for violence seem to be things that thrill these guys. They view people who have an education as "spoiled rich kids." According to some of the things I was reading about them on a TXHC messageboard, they'll never give you a fair fight (using things like brass knuckles in a confrontation, fighting in packs or having friends run interference to set up a suckerpunch, etc). And then there's the communication style that goes something like "GO SUCK A DICK AND DIE YOU ASS RIDING FAGGOT SELL OUT!!!"

If you grew up in sort-of rural Pennsylvania in the 80's like I did, this is the kind of stuff you'd be seeing and hearing from groups like the Hammer Skins, Allentown Skins, and the AC Skins (Atlantic City). The entire time I was corresponding with these XBBPX guys, the similarities just kept occuring to me.

*While a lot of straight edge kids tend to laugh off XBBPX, eventually they're going to make all of you look really bad. When white power started to get really big after several incidents made the news, it really tore apart the skinhead scene. The moment Geraldo Rivera caught a chair with his face, from then on all of the skinheads who weren't into racism were ALWAYS lumped into that whole white power perception by those who didn't know any better, which was just about everyone in the communities where they lived. All of the non-racist skins tried to seperate themselves by, laughably, wearing different color shoe laces and forming an organization called SHARP (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice), but stuff like that never made it to the news, so the public perception of them remained the same. XBBPX doesn't seem to care if they taint the public perception of straight edge, because if you're not drinking their hate-filled Kool Aid, you're not really straight edge, anyway.

Some day, one of these XBBPX kids is going to lose it, do something news worthy in the absolute worst way, and the next thing you know, clubs that have shows will have a "no straight edge" policy, similar to the way clubs once had "no nazi skinhead" policies. But instead of "no Doc Martins, no braces, no white laces, no bomber jackets," it will be "no x's on your hands, shirts, or watches." Seems ridiculous, I know. I don't think that would happen on the East or West Coast, because kids don't take straight edge to extremes like that in those regions, but it could easily happen in the mid-west, where all of these kids seem to be, and all of the parents seem to worship Fox News (which would run with this kind of thing for months and months).

*I'm not in the school of thought that these dudes would ever actually run around shooting people. I think the guns and the straight edge soldiers stuff is strictly an image thing to draw attention to themselves. Kinda like putting "hey, fuck you. Yeah you" on a t-shirt and then wearing it to school. What bothers me is the unstable kid who comes across something like XBBPX, takes it too literally, and ends up doing something very tragic. You laugh? Two words: Charles Manson. That is the perfect example of what can happen when you fill young impressionable minds with hate-filled ideology and imagery. Like I said before, all you need is one loose nut looking to prove his worth to the cause to make this a tragedy for everyone.

*I think a better name for XBBPX would be "The Straight Edge Taliban."

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