Tuesday, August 23, 2005

No really. Fuck New York.

I have no idea how I didn't hear about this last month. I came across this story by accident the other day when I stumbled across the East Coast Hardcore Website.

Featured above is a hand drawn SLAPSHOT logo penned by Choke himself. Apparently he drew it as a gag when SLAPSHOT was on tour in Europe. If you'll turn your attention to the "H" in SLAPSHOT, you'll notice it's a drawing of NYC's World Trade Towers, with the axis being a plane slamming into the tower on the right. Pictured above is the second plane, coming to finish the job. Below, it reads "Keep Looking at the Sky," a verse from the SLAPSHOT song Fuck New York.

BUT, that's not the end of the story. No, what really made this a doozie was the rebuke it drew from one of NYHC's toughest customers, Ezec. That is definitely a dude I wouldn't want breathing down my neck. As my good friend Kevin used to say, "you don't want to piss of a guy who has the words 'Lord Ezac' tattooed across his back."


This is a direct statement from Lord Ezec, aka Danny Diablo, CEO of ILL-ROC Records:

"Above is a drawing of a Slapshot logo made by Choke in Europe... Everyone knows that there's been a conflict between some NYC bands and Choke. I've been a big fan of Slapshot's music for years but when you start making fun of a historical tragedy, that's when you've crossed the line. In addition to being a historical tragedy, it was also a personal tragedy for me and many of us, in that, we've lost so many loved ones all at once. I'm asking, as a favor to all the people who we lost in this tragedy, that any bands, promoters, venues, record labels, etc. boycott SLAPSHOT!!!!! I'm not one to come post my opinion on a messageboard or public forum, but I've been known to be a "musical career killer." SO ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH SLAPSHOT.... THINK TWICE!!!! HEY JACK, IF YOU THINK THIS A JOKE CALL DWID!!!!
CEO of ILL-ROC Records"


Looks like Choke couldn't have put SLAPSHOT to bed at a better time.


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