Monday, August 15, 2005

Record Review: with Dave K.

Well, I’m back. Not that I ever left mind you, but life has been extremely busy lately. If I could only get a couple of uninterrupted hours to work on this column, it would be a better read. As I write this, I am watching/listening to the Misfits play live at CBGB’s on 8/12/05. Feels like I have skybox tickets. This whole CBGB’s thing has been the topic of conversation lately because of the situation there. I don’t know, one side of me doesn’t care and another really does. I mean, damn I spent three years at that place during the 1980’s watching great (and not so great) bands. It was a big part of my life and other’s. Christ, I can’t remember the exact time I was there last but, when I walked in, it was like déjà vu. The one thing I will never forget is the smell of the place. It was unique to itself. CBGB’s has a lot of history behind it. Things though have a beginning and an end. If it closes, we can all say we have been there and it was pretty cool. If it stays open, more bands will get a chance to play on that torn up wooden stage. I think they are charging too much for these shows. Hopefully, the money goes to what it needs to go to. We’ll see...

I’m not sure how old it is, but good music never ages, so check out DeadStop’s Done With You Lp/CD. These Europeans seem to listen to early 1980’s hardcore in their sleep because this release has that sound big time. The singer’s vocals similar to Negative Approach and for the most part the band plays sloppy hardcore like, dare I say, The Abused. Fast paced, sung in English and a great cover to boot. Check this and other releases out at Complete Control Records

It’s Radio Riot! Well, you already know how much I love internet radio, so here is another one for you. If you haven’t already, go to and sign up. Then check out “Old Time Hardcore.” It’s a great newer station set up playing mostly punk and hardcore from 1980-1988. What absolutely slays me is how much east Coast material this guy plays. Sick of it All, Minor Threat, Reagan Youth, Misfits and even the Six and Violence?!? Might sound like such a big deal but this is being broadcast out of Fairbanks, Alaska. He updates this often and I have listen for over two hours straight and didn’t get a repeat, so you’ll at least get that much music to jam on. is the email, send requests.

Another old friend from my past, Nate Wilson of Gloom Records sent me some of his latest releases. Straight To Hell has a compilation of their material from 2002-2004 out. Don’t judge this book by the cover (which is awful) because it’s a CD of crank it out hardcore. Everything about this one is fantastic across the board. This has the We Will Bury You Lp, their 7”, a comp track and their tracks from a split 7”. If they broke up, I definitely missed out. John Brown’s Army’s Who Fucked The Culture Up? does something most bands don’t try -- crossing grind with posi-core. Twenty three tracks of fast paced posi-core hardcore with some very grindy vocals. Some of this comes off very well, though there is some filler too. Have to like the next one -- Cut The Shit just explodes off their CD, Harmed and Dangerous. Screamed vocals, hyper fast speedy hardcore keeps you moving. You know, when you get a lot of releases at once from a label, there is bound to be one clunker. Damn Nate, you know I’m not into this metal shit! Toxicholocaust’s Evil Never Dies sounds exactly like their namesake implies. I almost ran off through the median on I-85, since I couldn’t control the headbanging I was possessed to do. But really, Nate has a full selection of great titles over at

Bad records I never reviewed before: When I think of all the good bands out there that never had a record out, it gets me crazy. I won’t go into examples here because it’ll fill the entire page. I recently listened to a CD that I haven’t heard in 15 years and flashbacks hit me on how bad it was. Bad Religion’s Against The Grain from 1990, is god awful. This was released at the time when "punk" just started to become mainstream with crap like The Offspring. Wow! From the monotone vocals throughout to the tinny shitty guitars, I almost fell asleep at the wheel while listening. I guess I missed the boat because they were media darlings and people ate this up. Punk Rock.

People who really know me know I’m living the thug life, so when discs like this cross my path, I ready to bust it & do some windmills. Madball’s Legacy has arrived. I still never understood the musical path this band took. With their first 7”, they started out with one of the best hardcore records ever made. Then they went for the heavy chugga-chugga thing with each release afterward. It has a great production, heavy as hell, but gets dull after the 3rd song or so. The songs are much shorter this time out, so that is a plus. If you like this band, you’ll love it. Everybody else will just pass. Ferret Records

Last but not least, Sean from Youngblood Records just re-issued some Carry On material in a package called It’s All Our Blood. It’s great to hear since I missed these guys when they were around. I have to say that Floorpunch really influenced a lot of bands and Carry On is one of them. This one is all about fast ’88 youth crew style hardcore and done well, I can see why they had a big following. Played this one many times and really liked it. That rap thing is embarrassing though. You really should get this one at Youngblood Records.

Sorry this one is kinda of short. Next week (and yes it will be next week) I’ll be reviewing a slew of material Ronny grabbed for me at that Posi Numbers fest and other stuff that has been on the backburner. Stay tuned, because the first release on my CD label will be out I hope by Sept 1st...The Hardware Fanzine compilation CD, and it’s about time.

In Crust We Trust,

Dave K.

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