Wednesday, September 21, 2005

BBHC Fantasy Hockey League

Tonight I will be sitting at the MCI Center with Alfred Ortiz, Dave Byrd, and my wife, the lovely Kimberly, drinking beers and watching Alexander Ovechkin make his professional debut for the Washington Capitals. Normally I hate the Caps (the Philadelphia Flyers are my hometown allegiance), but since the Capitals decided to strip their team down to its wires and go the rebuilding route, I'm at least curious to see how the team will build itself back into contention.

It's only a pre-season game, sure, but after missing the entire 2003-2004 NHL season to a labor dispute, I'll take whatever I can get at this point. I learned last year that even if you play a lot of recreational hockey (as I do) in the absense of a professional hockey season, you still really miss watching the games. Well, I did at least. I think last year was the first time in my life that I suffered from mild depression (that wasn't post relationship break-up related), and I wonder if the cancelled season had anything to do with that.

Another thing I really missed about last year's cancelled NHL season was FANTASY HOCKEY. I played in a Yahoo Fantasy League for the first time during the 2003-2004 season, and it was a blast. I had so much fun that I decided to start my own fantasy league this year. So, consider this my formal invitation to all of you to be a part of the inaugural season of the BBHL (Barebones Hockey League). Since I average about 1200 hits a day on this site, I'm hoping I can find at least 19 other hockey heads to populate my new league.

If you're interested in putting a team on the virtual ice, please email me at

Please include the folowing information in your email:

1. Name:

2. Location:

3. Email, AIM, and phone number:

4. Team Name:

5. Are you cool with kicking $20 into a pot for the league champion and prizes for conference winners?

6. Banners for conference winners. Mock-Stanley Cup for league champion. Y/N?

7. Have you played in a fantasy league before? If so, which?

First come, first serve basis. Overlap teams will be given the opportunity to join should an original 20 franchise back out. If there is an overwhelming response, I will form and manage a 2nd league for all parties interested.

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