Friday, September 30, 2005

Mom vs. The Message Board

Somewhere out there, Bobby Delamante is probably considering suicide as a viable option. After all, it's not every day that your Mother posts on a message board with thousands of readers, identifying you by name, in an effort to seek out gift suggestions for your sixteenth birthday:

Hello Everyone:

I'm not sure if I am at the right place, but I THINK my son Bobby (Bobby Delamante, some of you may know him) frequents this website and follows the groups you all listen to (if you see him please don't tell him I posted here!). I found this website from a poster that is in his room (for the band "First Step").

Bobby's 16th birthday is next week and I would like to get him something Hard Core, but am not sure where (I asked some salespeople at Best Buy, but they were confused). I see you can order cd's and things here but I am afraid he may have them already (he has many!).

Does anyone here have any good suggestions?

Thank you so much :)

Mrs. Delamante (Bobby's Mom)

Initially I laughed when I read the post, but really, Mrs. Delamante seems like one of the sweetest, most well-intentioned Hardcore Moms I've ever come across. I can assure you that I got nothing but grief from my parents for my taste in music growing up, and I know that's the story for a lot of hardcore kids out there. It's really nice to see there are parents out there who understand that their son is into something different, and not only "get it," but also nurture it.

So, let's have three cheers for Mrs. Delamante (Bobby's Mom) for being such an adorably sweet lady. And let's be sure to cut Bobby some slack. Love makes people do goofy things.

And Bobby, if you're reading this, I'm envious.

I have spoken,

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