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Road Rage Record Review by Dave K.

More More More...well not really, I’m really strapped for time so only one thing this week. I’ll be at Dragoncon in Atlanta Labor Day weekend so you probably won’t see the next column until the week after (like you care). I promise all the label who sent stuff will have it reviewed then. Oh, one more thing. I found a decent turntable at Goodwill last week (and I haven’t forgot how to use it) so you can send vinyl, BUT, if you can send CDs instead, all the better.

It’s a positive, positive, positive scene. Well, has been a very long time coming (and I can understand why!) but the long awaited Schism New York Hardcore Fanzine book is finally out. Wow! You have to give kudos to Chris Wrenn for giving a shit and releasing this. I know first hand how the fanzine gets the shit end of the stick when it comes to remembrances, which is why I’m starting up my fanzine CD label. Anyway, on to the dissection. I remember when I was just getting comfortable in the NYC hardcore scene things really started to take off. It was around that time I saw this ‘zine at Some Records called Loveseat. I think it had an Iowa address on it, so I asked Duane were he got it from. “Some kid from the mid west, I think his name is Alex”. Fast forward a bit, there was a new ‘zine on the wall called Schism (new? it was #6). Looked inside and I saw Porcell’s name in it plus this kid Alex, who I knew was in Side By Side. Put two and two together and realized it was the same dude who did
this ‘zine Loveseat.

You have to say, Alex Brown is probably one of the luckiest people in NYC hardcore history. Here is this kid from Iowa of all places and in the shortest period of time, becomes a card carrying member of the youth crew, is playing in numerous popular NYC bands and turns his ‘zine into one of the most well-known & notorious ‘zines in hardcore music. In short, he like hit the Mega Millions lottery on one of the big days. It’s things like that people don’t realize with this wonderful retrospective on Schism and the late 80’s NYC hardcore scene.

This 128 page book compiles the 3 issues of Schism fanzine (yes three, it’s sort of like McPheeters starting Dear Jesus at number #39 or something like that.) Schism #6 started it all. I always wondered how they got the white on white cut and paste without lines cropping up. It’s one of the reasons In Memory Of…was done white on black. I couldn’t make the white on white come out good like this (when you are making photocopies, the light will pass and the small shadows come out along the right of the left, anyway…oh I am fucking rambling) Schism fanzine was the epitome of the NY Youth Crew and all the shit that went with it. #7 is the one everybody remembers and knows about. They really did a good job keeping the Project X thing a secret. Nobody knew. Porcell says in one the interviews included in the book that he couldn’t even tell Ray, because Ray would never be able to keep a secret. So fucking true. The day #7 came out, Alex brought them down to Some Records first. I was there with Adam Nathanson and bought three copies right away. Alex was like, “Thanks man!” Later Adam scolded me saying now Alex is going to get a big head. Well, I didn’t care. I knew a lot of people all over the US and knew one of my friends was going to get hooked up. I had this friend from Pittsburgh named Aaron and was
telling him on the phone about it. “Dude, you have to let me get that!!! Nobody here even knows about it!!!” A few months later, he came to NYC to hang and we ran into Porcell. Porcell was like “Pittsburgh!” cause he couldn’t remember his name right off the bat.

#8 was the issue that made Porcell the butt end of many jokes for a bit. His “Porcell says “Straight in ‘88” caused mass confusion with his “rewriting” the rules of Straight Edge. I must credit the beginning of the whole “Veg-Edge” movement right here because after this came out, almost overnight every SxE kid was wearing “Love Animals, Don’t Eat Them” shirts. I know quite a few long time vegetarians and vegans were
really pissed at Porcell for this one. He was a great guy though, I don’t fault him this really. He was trying to make a point. On the other hand, people were lauding Schism for interviewing YDL and actually asking confrontational questions.

This book also has nice retrospective pieces by Alex, Porcell, Jordan Cooper, many of the CT guys who were sort of the extended Youth Crew like Chris Daily and Jeff Terranova and more. The only little fault I may find with this book is there are no negative comments. Any solid documentation should have some. Just a little nitpick. The picture section is great, some of the photos are mislabeled but I understand that is already being corrected.

The flyers are cool, for some reason there are a couple I haven’t seen before (I have been noticing this lately. I have a personal collection of over 1,000 flyers and I am amazed how many I still don’t have!). One half of my Life’s Blood flyer (the one,with the skull on it) is shown. The special guest was actually Project X . This was a great show because The Lismar Lounge had this “must be16 year old” policy to get in. In NYC, this was a standard rule, blame Robert Chambers. So a lot of kids were left outside in the cold.

During one of the songs during PX’s set, Porcell jumped up with with his fist in the air and punched through the drop ceiling by accident. It must have been fate and with everybody pissed that a lot of kids were left outside, he and most during the sing a longs started punching out the tiles. After Life’s Blood played, during which people left after Adam made some Jewish jokes (he was Jewish...hahaha) that was a fun show all in all, sad so few got to see it. I was also at that Ritz show. Oh, the memories.

Like I said up top, this is good one, Chris Wrenn can rest easy at night. I haven’t heard a bad word about this book. The price is way below the average for a book this size. In a world where most punk and
hardcore retrospective books are half assed or opinionated, The Schism book is a breath of fresh air. I can only wish that my CD projects be as well received as this one. Hopefully, he can keep this in print for a very long time.

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