Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Road Rage Record Review: Dave K.

Well, back again for more fun. Ronny is working really hard to make this site a daily visit, so let him know what you think. I was recently back in New Jersey for a few days (remind me never to leave my business affairs for more than a day, what a mess it was upon my return!) and it didn’t feel like home.

My father and sister are moving down here to stay with me for a while and then live in Georgia. They can’t take it up there in NJ anymore. They live in the building I grew up in, and I can’t believe the state it’s in. The whole building is on a tilt. My father says you can put a ball on the floor and it will roll to one corner of the apartment! Time to go. It will probably sink into the ground like the Carrie White house.

Anyway, I hung out in the city (NYC for you laymen) with my good friends Brett Beach & Charles Maggio. It’s funny how things change but stay the same. Here is the three of us, each with two slices in front of us, shooting the shit about old and new things. It was like all these years apart didn’t exist. I know these two so well, spending numerous hours, days and weeks with them in the past. We've been through a lot together. We all are pretty much still the same, each with a distinct personality but respectful of each other’s quirks and differences. Well, Charles still didn’t like the same remarks I make about bands that cheese out, but that is never going to change. I like busting his balls anyway.

The crappy thing about the whole visit was that it was over too fast. Remember, time is precious, don’t waste it and try and stay in touch with your old friends. NYC is weird. It’s like the east village and, from what I understand, the ABC No Rio area is totally upscale now. No personality at all. It was fun to look in old record stores that we used to go to. Brett and I felt like tourists, we forgot were like everything was! All in all, I probably will not be back up north for a very long time.

Seven Inch Madness: Have a few to go through (now that I have a turntable next to the PC!) An older one sent to me from Mad At The World Records by The Bad Form. A couple of years old and the band is no more, the seven inch plays a little on the rocking side of punk. Actually sounds like the Rolling Stones on 78, but that is subjective. Wasn’t that into it, but if you dug sounds by ex-hardcore kids from the East Coast who thought this was the direction to go in, it’ll be your cup of tea. Sledgehammer has a disc out and it is not a bad one. Dwid from the classic scary hardcore band, Integrity again does the vocal duties. Four songs of very dark and heavy hardcore with a little metallic licks thrown in. Not sure what the story is with the label though. The seven inch I received is on a label called Specimen 32 (website is down as I write this) though a label, Martyr Records released this on CD. Check around I’m sure you’ll find it. The Right On "No Joke" EP has to be placed in the top 20 (at least) of worst record covers in hardcore/punk history, right up there with the Stand Up 7" (Actually, saw that record again in NYC at Bleeker Bob’s and thought I had it erased from my mind. Now it’s back in…what were they thinking?) Pretty standard stuff here, passable at best. Malfunction Records

It’s like 1986 again! Municipal Waste I understand has been around for a while now, but “Hazardous Mutation” is their first Lp. Good lord, this is such a throwback in the boldest sense of the word. It’s weird, they have that 1980’s crossover thing down so well, even with the little "eeks” at the end the chords. I know quite a few who will go apeshit over this. Not that into it but do appreciate the effort here, they are going to be huge. Earache Records

I can see where the Youth Attack "Don’t Look Back!" CD wants to be in every straight edger music collection. Every cliché in the book is followed, totally by the numbers. That wouldn’t be just a bad thing because there are many bands who can pull it off. The recording is OK at best and the music is plodding. Think Fast Records

Canada’s Keep It Up is a little better, playing the 1990’s posi-core to the hilt. This CD has the songs from their self released 7” and some bonus tracks, a total of 10. There is a cover of Youth Of Today’s “Thinking Straight” which is interesting. It’s really funny to see bands from other countries play American Hardcore better than most American bands. If you see this one, pick it up. Feelin' It Records

I was surprised that California’s Hoods were still together. I remember reviewing their first release in Hardware ten years ago. They will have a new LP out in October called "The King Is Down." The music is the traditional cranked down modern heavy hardcore, grindy vocals and mostly 2 minute tracks. Might sound typical but these guys were one of the first to do this, so most bands are copying them. Check it out. Eulogy Recordings

Zine 101: I reviewed Heartattack #46 last issue, then #47 was right behind it. This issue is called the "work" issue, covering aspects of work and the interviews & columns reflect that. Interviews with Circle A Bicycles, Funeral Diner & a great artist called Mike Sutfin (you can tell his major influence right away). All the usual ‘zine stuff here. Great cover. This ‘zine should stop wasting it’s time and do this on-line already! Ebullition Records

Radio Show?: Ronny was asking me if I’d be interested in doing a hour internet radio show each week. I was jazzed because I have been trying to set it up for a while now. If there is anybody out there who does one or knows how to set it up on a PC, please contact me. I have a lot of ideas and can do an hour easily…

Selfless self-promotion: I have to keep plugging away...the Hardware Fanzine Collection CD has been out since September 1st. If you already picked one up thanks, but please let me know what you think about it. My next release is almost done, scanning the last issue of it as we speak (and a another reason this column is short this time out.). It has all the issues of Hardware in PDF format, plus lots of other stuff like some of the unreleased #10. See what it’s all about. You can get it through this link, or go to: and look under "Other Items"

Or snail mail $7.50 USA ($10.00 world) to my address below.

You smoke, you choke,

Dave K.

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