Monday, October 17, 2005

Hardcore Handles: Anthony "The Wrench" Moreschi

The first time Rain On The Parade ever played with Ten Yard Fight was, if memory serves, February 1996. I only remember a few things about the show: it was at Stallag 13 in Philadelphia, and it was only TYF's second show. The way the band played that night, you would've thought they had been together for years. Very high energy. Very tight. Very fun to watch. I also remember that ROTP and TYF both played so well that, together we basically mopped Stallag 13's filthy punker floor with Chokehold's (the headlining band) crusty vegan dreadlocks.

Apparently, this show was when Anthony Moreschi became "The Wrench." Here's the story, as told by Ten Yard Fight guitar player John Lacroix.


Who annointed Anthony Moreschi "Wrench," and what was the significance behind the name?

It's actually "The Wrench" since he's the only one. We were in a car driving to our second show ever, in Philly (it was before we had a van) and we were just joking about how Anthony needed a tough nickname. Chris Patterson used to call him "Ma-wrenchy" instead of his real last name which is "Moreschi". So when we decided "the hammer" was too cliche of a name, "The Wrench" just stuck. Back then we made up names for everybody, we'd told him "you are no longer Anthony."

We tried to make up reasons why he was called The Wrench. I think the best one was that he was packin' a wrench in his pants or that he killed a man with a wrench at summer camp. We were interviewed on this kid's talk show and we would just yell "the wrench!" We did some radio interviews too they always wanted to know why his name was The Wrench, but we'd just say... "he's a wrench" or "he's good with tools," which he is actually.

Do his parents know that thousands of people know him only as Wrench. Did they have any kind of reaction to it?

I remember when he quit school for like the 4th time to go on tour, his dad was pissed, he'd just mumble... "rockstar" every time Anthony would walk by. And I'd just mumble "it's the wrench." When we both worked at 411, nobody even knew he was a singer in a band. They didn't even know he was The Wrench. He was like a retired superhero with his wrench costume collecting dust in the closet. Good thing he started another band, cause The Wrench needs the stage.

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