Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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Nice blog. Great content. It could use one thing, though: an XML feed.

I usually don't have the time to sit at a computer and read the site, but if there was a feed link, I could sync it with my iPod and read it on the train, waiting at the dentist's office, at lunch, etc. Blogger is all set to do this, but you would have to enable it through your account preferences. A compatible feed would have a URL that ends with .xml. It would be nice to read BareBones Hardcore right next to the Wall Street Journal and ArsTechnica.

OK, at any rate, the site is great and I've enjoyed it. Thanks!



Wow. I wasn't aware you could read site feeds on your iPod. Considering everyone has an iPod, I'd be silly to ignore your advice. I'll look into adding this feature sometime this week. Thanks for the heads up!




In the last 3 years I've had a hand in a number of benefit shows. From promoting, to performing to being security at the show, I've seen all the things you managed to bring up occur. A lot of people pay with 20 dollar bills and refuse to accept change. The only distro that has been at our benefits have been a long time supporter of us and he is always on hand to donate easily over $100. What's the best is the fact that he isn't asked ahead of time -- he just always does the decent thing.

I find it curiously odd that you mentioned all the bands trying to play. I find that to be the most ironic facet of the whole hardcore benefit show. You have bands who would otherwise be a pain in the ass willing and able to play and yet you still have 1,253 bands trying to jump on the bill for nothing more then exposure. It's always interesting for these kids and their bands to get turned down but yet aren't half as eager to show up and support the show in general. In the end what I agree with the most is the fact in what you said -- its a supportive gesture.

In most cases where benefits are neccesary the dire situation goes beyond a fiscal problem. The money is nice and it may go a long way but it is nothing more then a gesture. I see a lot of people scrambling for benefits for this Hurricane Katrina disaster and I am blown away at the amount of money that is going to be wasted in the shows overhead, gas money to get to the show and so on, that could just be sent directly to whomever (the Red Cross I presume). I don't think a hardcore show in every town would even make an impact. The idea is there but I don't know if it's anything more then a "gesture" from these kids to feel as if they've done their share morally. Who knows.

Keep up the good work.

Joe Hardcore



Well said. Though many bands have approached me about doing a benefit for my leg, I've been reluctant (in spite of my needs) in light of all the CB's mumbo jumbo. Benefits can be a sketchy thing, and honestly, though I ppreciate every effort, $400 doesn┬╣t offset $100,000 in medical bills. To surmise, I'm glad you wrote this, and not to aid my cause, but to shed light on the needs of those in far worse situations than me.

Your friend

Dan Cav

You're my hero Dan! =]


Nice... but, Ronny, did you have to use the single worst picture of myself I have ever seen?

Richie Birkenhead


Ha! So sorry man! I have since changed the photo of you on the interview. A friend of mine from the Hardcore Office took the photo at the most recent CBGB's show.

For those of you who didn't see the original photo, it was pretty bad. Richie looked like a bloated frat boy. Sorry Richie!




How's it going? You don't know me. In fact we have never even been formally introduced. A long time ago, at some Rain On The Parade show in PA (when the LP came out), you gave me dirty looks for buying 5 of them (the 300 limited "When It Rains, It Pours" LP). Matt Smith said "those will be on ebay tomorrow," except I was buying them for dudes who couldnt go to the show. Ha. I remember in 1997 I was having bad times at home and in life, and I saw rotp at that Yuletide Youth Crew fest in Maryland, and the whole attitude there was so A+ and positive, and i always think going to that show helped me.

Anyways, I just saw your website, and I like it a lot. I'm in the army, and sometimes its hard to keep up with hardcore as much as I used to. Sometimes life takes over more than I would like it to, you know? I do get to check the internet a lot, as long as we're not out in the field, and I'm glad I found your site. There is some cool stuff on here that makes me think about fun times, and it is definately a good read.

I've rambled enough, probably too much. Dude, thanks for the cool site.



I just made myself drop and give you 20 for the dirty look, and then another 20 for how much that record SUCKED!

Stay safe in the desert over there!


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