Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dancefloor Diaries

I am such a jack ass. I didn't go to this show because I decided that it was more important to keep my job at Cinnabon, rather than bail on work to go see No For An Answer (this would turn out to be my only opportunity to see them), Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, Beyond (only got to see them once, at Oliver J's in Allentown), and what would have been my first opportunity to see Chain of Strength.

My friends laughed at how stupid I was being, and they ended up taking my 10-year old brother to the show with them, as we would do from time to time. To this day, my brother could give two shits that he saw Chain of Strength, No For an Answer, Beyond, Insted, Gorilla Biscuits, JFA, Token Entry, Bold, Judge, Warzone, The Uprise, and Hogans Heroes -- all in their prime. If you ask him what was the best show he ever went to, he'd probably say Janes Addiction. Unreal.

Anyway, I lost touch with all of my highschool friends, and my brother has done too many drugs over the years to give me a reliable account of the show, so I contacted Steve Insted and picked his brain. These are a few of his memories of the evening:

"I remember that 'Wally's Place' was the place to play (in the Lehigh Valley) and that there was so much hype about it, that I had no choice but to feel like 'this is it?' after seeing it. I think this is the show where there was a classic photo of Kevin taken in his 'Drug Free Youth' shirt."

"A lot of kids and a low stage = good times."

"At one point Dan O' sat down on the floor 'indian style' and sang. Don't ask me, I don't get it, either. Tortured Artist, I guess. I wish Carry Nation would have played too."

"They were selling really bad GB shirts. White [cheap] t-shirts with a big orange GB with the hooded gorilla on the front, and a black live photo on the back [with 'gorilla' on the top and 'biscuits' on the bottom of the photo]. Don't worry I still wore mine even though they were horrible."

"Chain of Strength just showed up on the east coast [this show in particular] and hopped on to shows they weren't on. Normally I don't care about this kind of thing, and as much as I liked Ryan, I hated COS. I think Walter put it best once when he said 'they're like a bad house guest that won't leave.' I think the situation was this; Chris Bratton was out doing some shows with NFAA and the rest of the COS guys figured they could fly out and get on some shows. Whatever. Southern California hated them, and the East Coast and Euro's loved em'." Editor's Note -- Chain of Strength hopped on a bunch of NFAA sets during that tour, and were permitted by Dan O'Mahoney to play 2 songs. If you whip out your copy of True Til' Death, you'll notice that Side Alex says 'hey, can we play more than two songs?' and Side Pain says 'No Is Your Answer.' Fucking classic.--Ronny

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