Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Set To Explode EP on Red Vinyl

You are looking at the brand new Set To Explode EP on red vinyl (limited to 300), brought to you by Grave Mistake Records. STX hail from Washington DC and feature ex-members of Striking Distance, 86 Mentality, The Aftermath, and Worn Thin.

This record is the first prize in what I hope will become a weekly contest where readers will have the opportunity to win limited vinyl, shirts, fanzines, etc. from various current labels that support Barebones Hardcore. Thanks to Alex DiMattesa and Rich Miles at Grave Mistake Records for providing this week's prize.

I first got into hardcore in 1986, but I didn't jump into it headfirst until 1987. When I started hanging around with all of the crazy punkers and skaters, a lot of people -- especially at school -- didn't get it. My sophomore year of high school, people saw my transformation from wallflower to punker as some kind of red flag. One time I got called into the guidance counselor's office because I was wearing a Suicidal Tendancies (white, with the skull wearing a red bandana...such a sweet shirt) shirt in homeroom. I wasn't aware of it, but apparently at the time I was crying out for help. Ha.

One time I came to school with a shaved down head and a Youth of Today t-shirt on. My drama teacher, Mrs. Franchois, was appalled. "Ronny Little" she chided, "a NAZI SKINHEAD! I am so disappointed in you!" Another time, my friends and I got hauled into the Vice Principal's office. All of us were certain he had us dead to rights on something, since we were all very destructive at school. We were standing at his desk, and he said "you boys haven't done anything wrong, but I just want to let all of you know that I think you are all very bizarre." My friend Mark looked at Mr. Stetzleberger's cowboy hat, then looked at him, and replied "I smell cowboys." The rest of us were excused, while Mark was asked to remain to have a chat about his comment.

Anyway, what I'm looking for is stories from all of you about your experiences at school when you first started getting into punk and hardcore. How the administration, teachers, and students reacted to you and your friends. Since nobody goes to Punk Rock Highschool, I know everyone out there has a story.

The author of the story I find most interesting will be awarded the Set To Explode EP on red vinyl. Contest ends Sunday, November 11th at 11:59 p.m. Winner will be announce Monday, November 12th at noon. All entries may be published by Barebones Hardcore!

I'm looking for conversational emails. There is no need to write up your entry like it's a professional piece. I'm looking for anecodotes, pure and simple, like something you'd see in "Banned in DC."

Thanks in advance for participating! Send all entries to me at: bareboneshc@hotmail.com

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