Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I want you to reach out and touch me. Good touch, bad touch...doesn't matter. Just make it funny or interesting. Call me at 703.505.4149, anytime -- day, night, in the middle of REM sleep -- and leave me a message. Winning voicemails will be transcribed and posted to BBHC for all to see.

Winners will get to choose one record from the prize closet. Currently records available for the taking:

*Blue Monday "Rewritten" LP -- purple
*Internal Affairs s/t LP -- black with bside etching
*Set To Explode s/t CD
*86 Mentality s/t CD
*Hardware Fanzine "Complete Collection" CD

After leaving your message, please send an email to me at bareboneshc@hotmail.com so I know how to contact you in the event that you win. Also, please be sure to tell me a detail or two about your call so that I can verify the winner. Contest ends 12:01 a.m. January 1, 2006, or whenever the prizes run out -- whichever comes first.

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