Monday, May 15, 2006

Record Review: Iron Age "Constant Struggle" LP

Despite the fact that Iron Age hail from Texas, they have a rough and tumble late 80's NYHC feel to them. In fact, Iron Age sounds as if it could have fit right into the Profile Records stable of bands, smack dab between the likes of Best Wishes era Cro-Mags and Leeway. The influence of both bands is immediately apparent upon hearing the first note of Constant Struggle. Luckily for Iron Age, they're on Youngblood Records, and not Profile Records (a label famous for mistreating its bands).

Musically, Constant Stuggle is a moody mix of muscular mosh and up-tempo riffs executed flawlessly, occasionally accented with dueling guitars. Lyrically, there's heavy dose of gloom, as many of the songs seem to dwell upon the struggle of life and the uncertainty of what's beyond it. The Linas Garsys cover art matches the dark mood of this record perfectly.

Top notch production and packaging round out yet another solid release by Youngblood Records.

-- Youngblood Records

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